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Thanks so much for investing in the lives of UCM college students next semester!

As you get started working with the UCM, we ask that you watch this testimonial video, then check out the four action items on this page.


1. Pray

Join our UCM Prayer Team by taking out your phone, entering the number 81010 and texting the message @ucmpr or by going to this link.


2. Be Inspired

Read this short, inspirational article about why Christian mentors are so important in the lives of young  people & check out the UCM's Fall 2020 Ministry Highlights.

3. Get IDeas

Check out our guidelines and ideas for mentoring - how to get started, how to have meaningful conversations, etc.


Contact your UCM student and start hanging out once a month. There's no timeline or perfect way to mentor. Just start sharing your life and listening. God will do the rest!

Other ways to help

In addition to your monthly meetings, here are some other ways you could be a blessing and help these students connect with Christ.

  1. Host a group of college students at your house for a meal once a semester. Get some friends or your small group to help. Your relationships build a bridge connecting students to Jesus and His church.

  2. Go say "Hi" to college students when you see them at Clear Creek. This is a simple, but big one. Make these students feel noticed and welcome.

  3. Show up to a UCM activity. We'd love to have you join us every now and then for a Launch meeting, an outreach activity or something else.

  4. Take your student with you when you serve in some way. This is one of the simplest ways to get students involved. Just say, "Come with me!"

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